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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair

DFW Steam Cleaning offers a full selection of carpet repairs that are done right the first time.

DFW Pet Treatment

We all have them and we love them, our little furry family members, but sometimes our pets need additional training.  DFW Steam Cleaning can treat the subflooring, replace tack strip, padding and seal the floor and make it like it like those accidents never happened. Check out our dedicated page for DFW Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal.

DFW Carpet Re-Stretching and Power Stretching

If you have creases or bubbles in your carpets, what you are noticing is pad expansion.  It's typically nothing wrong with the carpet and can be a result of the installer not using a "power stretcher" when the carpet was first installed. In addition, it can also be caused by a low-quality padding underneath breaking down and the excess carpet up top has nowhere to go, so it bubbles or ripples and creases giving your carpets a wavy look.  It usually starts in one area, but then before you know it, it has expanded.  Let DFW Steam Cleaning re-stretch those problem areas and prevent other areas from bubbling.  We will power-stretch your carpets pulling the excess carpet to one side, then we will cut off the excess and tuck it back in or seam it back together.  Don’t be fooled by guys that come in with just knee kickers.  It is rather impossible to pull a room of carpet evenly and consistently to the other side with just kicking.  To get the job done right the first time, book now.

New Carpet Installation

If you are looking to replace your carpets, we recommend installing a high-quality pad underneath that won't crush and cause your carpets to need to be re-stretched. In addition, make sure the installer uses a power stretcher to stretch your carpet into place. It's the only effective way to install new carpeting.

DFW Carpet Patching

Your carpet is perfect, you maintain it…but there are a couple of permanent stains that never come out.  We can patch those areas with excess carpet from install or we can swap it from a closet.

DFW Carpet Transition Bars

The carpet is fraying or worn at the transition to the kitchen tile or wood floor.  The carpet has pulled back from the metal strip underneath. 

DFW Carpet Red Stain Removal

If you have some red stains, we have pretty good luck and lightening them or completely removing them. We can fix that for you.

DFW Carpet Wine Stain Removal

If you have some old or new red wine stains, give us a call and let us see if we can remove or lighten those for you.

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