Carpet Patching Can Save You The Cost of Replacing your Carpeting

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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

We Patch Carpets and Rugs

Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching

If you have some permanent spots on your carpet or burn marks, we can patch those for you. The smaller the patch, the more invisible it is. Sometimes a patch of new carpet in a traffic area, you will see it because the carpet is newer and fluffier, but we can use some techniques to help blend it as best as possible. If you don't have carpet leftover, don't worry, we can use a small piece from a closet.

With carpet patching, damaged areas of your carpet are cut out and replaced with patches from a matching carpet. This is not the perfection of new after all, but it is still an improvement that keeps your carpet looking presentable.

Steps involved in Patching your carpet

●     Assessment of the damaged area

First, the damaged area is assessed. This method of carpet maintenance is good for small, isolated spots on your carpets marked as a result of wearing, scorching, or stubborn stains. Ideally, the affected area should be one square foot, at maximum. You might as well just change the whole carpeting if the damage has wider coverage.

●     Getting a donor piece of carpet

The next step is to find a donor carpet. This carpet should match the damaged area perfectly and be intact as well. Any color or texture straying away, even slightly, from the carpet in question will make the patching so glaring.

The remnant of the affected carpet is an easy choice. This involves raking through the attic or basement which should yield abandoned pieces. Otherwise, you will have to visit carpet stores to buy a piece of that carpet. These two options are not definite to give a successful search, though. As a last resort, patches can be stripped from hidden areas of the covered area like;

  • Beneath staircases
  • Under rarely moved or stationary pieces of furniture
  • Closets

●     Marking out

The affected area is outlined. Markings should be drawn as a definite shape like a rectangle or square. The tufts of carpet should also be kept off for a smooth cut. The same thing applies to the donor carpet.

●     Cutting out the affected carpet and replacement of the damaged area

Carefully used, a carpet or utility knife would help get rid of the affected part. Taping the piece of the donor is also delicate as much attention is needed with the tufts and smoothening thereafter.

As simple as carpet patching seems, a single slip can ruin the carpet permanently. At DFW cleaning services, our expertise covers this aspect; we can restore your carpet's nice look. Give us a call today!


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