Carpet Fibers That Steam Cleaning Cleans Effectively

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet Fiber Characteristics

Carpeting Properties

  Nylon Polypropylene Polyester Wool
Market 60% 30% 8% 2%
“Hand” Good Poor Very Good Excellent

Dissolves in formic acid. Burns to a hard black bead; puffs white smoke;extinguishes Floats in water. Burns to a round hard tan bead. Dissolves in hot meta-cresol. Burns rapidly to a round hard bead and gives off a pungent odor. Dissolves in chlorine bleach. Burns with a burned-hair odor to a black crumbly residue.
Moisture Absorption 4.2-4.5% 0.01% 0.04-0.08% Up to 30%
Specific Gravity 1.14 0.90 1.23 1.32
Resilience Excellent None Fair Good
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Very Good Good Good
Effects of Acids, Alkalis, and Solvents Resistant to weak acids, but decomposes in strong mineral acids Chemically inert Resistant to most acids and solvents Sensitive to acids and alkalis
Dye Methods Acid; some solution dyed Solution dyed Dispersed Dyes Various
Resistance to Mildew, Aging, Sunlight Excellent resistance to mildew and aging. Prolonged sunlight can cause degradation. Good resistance to all three Excellent resistance to mildew and aging. Prolonged sunlight can cause degradation Damaged by sunlight, mildew, moths, beetles. Sunlight can cause yellowing.
Color Retention Very good Excellent Good Good
Stain Resistance Poor (5th generation very good) Excellent Excellent Very Poor
Stains/Soils Attracted to Fiber Acid dyes, except for 5th generation Oil based Oil based Protein, urine, blood, meat juices
Melt Point °F Type6-435º F; Type6,6-490º 320º F 509º F None (ignites)
Cigarette Burn Resistance None None None Very good

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