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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

DFW Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning Dallas

Have DFW Steam Cleaning power scrub your carpet and rugs for deep cleaning at your home or business. We offer aggressive cleaning for dirty, filthy industrial-looking carpets.
Deep Cleaning is the process of mechanically agitating pre-sprays into the carpet fiber making sure those fibers are"Cleaned" on all 4 sides of the carpet fiber that we call Power Scrubbing.  The carpet gets scrubbed prior to steam cleaning.  Power Scrubbing can greatly improve older worn carpets and is especially useful on light-colored carpets.  After the pre-spray has been scrubbed into the carpets, the carpets are steam cleaned, and all of the dirt, well as much as possible, is rinsed out and the carpets look fresh again. 
Power Scrubbing is also helpful in worn traffic areas, although the carpets will get a temporary fiber lift, that effect won't last long, especially if the padding under the carpets has flattened in those heavily trafficked areas.   
Some companies use plastic rakes to manually agitate the carpet fibers.  We prefer to use buffers that have a carpet brush on the bottom.  You get the weight of the buffer typically 75 pounds that give weighted agitation, getting that brush deep into the fibers and then you get 175 RPMs.  So that brush is turned 175 times in a minute.  Sounds fast, but it's not.  It's enough weight and speed to try and get those areas as clean as they can be.  You cant use anything faster as the more speed, the more friction, and that created heat that could damage the carpet fibers.  
The combination of power scrubbing and using steam to clean your carpets deeply yields the best results for your Dallas carpets or Fort Worth rugs. We have served many people in Plano, Frisco, Irving, McKinney, and many other residential and commercial clients in North Texas.

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