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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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Carpet Cleaning Old East Dallas Tx

Carpets are beautiful and tender to our feet and that is not all. These beautiful floor coverings can harbor potentially harmful germs and allergens, which is why we, DFW Steam Cleaning, have a carpet cleaning service at Old East Dallas that is certainly not to disappoint. We render our services to the esteemed residents in this area and we ensure excellence in every way. We want to help you keep clean carpets that will not be a problem for you and your family's health.
We offer a top-notch carpet cleaning service in Old East Dallas, Texas. When we clean your carpets, removing stains, dirt and allergen can be quite taxing, but we get the job done without a hitch. How do we do it? Well, we appear at your doorstep to offer our cleaning services, but not just any services. Say goodbye to those old portable cleaners or buffers. We effectively clean your carpet with our powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment. 

To get the best out of your carpet in terms of beauty and durability, there are other carpet cleaning services we offer aside from steam cleaning. You can choose from any of our various services as it suits your needs. For example, you can patronize our organic carpet cleaning service.
Detergent-based cleaning services sometimes have adverse effects on man and pet, as well as negative impacts on our environment over time. However, you and our planet are in luck. Our organic carpet cleaning is an alternative process that uses plant-based ingredients in all our cleaner products. This green method cleans just as well and even better than a regular carpet cleaning process. What could get any better than that?

Our organic carpet cleaning effectively eliminates germs and allergens in your carpet. Since it is organic, you can avoid the harmful fumes the detergent used in carpet cleaning produces. Sometimes, these fumes generate physical effects such as headaches, irritation, and inflammation of the nose, lungs, and eyes. Our organic process keeps you safe from the toxic fumes by taking care of the allergens.
We offer a specialized allergy relief carpet cleaning to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers. Our allergy relief carpet cleaning service is here to benefit you. The process uses sprays that will attack the dangerous allergens leaving your carpets free from harm for two to three weeks.
Do you have a pet or two at home? Their cuteness and loving personality are a part of your family. Families get messy sometimes, causing stains and odors that you do not want to stay. DFW wants to ensure that you and your pets, your family, stays healthy. Our carpet cleaning process removes pet stains and odors through our powerful equipment and all-natural products. With our cleaning, you and your pets will live in the best environment possible.
So, if you are in Old East Dallas, TX and you need any of our carpet cleaning services, please give us a call to request our service. We look forward to meeting and serving you!

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