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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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Carpet Cleaning Oak Lawn, Dallas, Tx

At DFW Steam Cleaning, Oak Lawn, Texas, we know that your beautiful carpet can quickly take up a dirty and dusty transformation, which is not palatable. Your once nice-looking carpets eventually become a harbor for germs and dirty traffic patterns. We also know that you do want to get rid of the stains and germs when they come.  We want to be there to make sure your carpets get the effective cleaning they deserve anytime they need it.

We offer quality carpet cleaning services, and we want our clients to trust in our professional service. So how do we ensure that you get an unforgettable experience with us? From the moment we show up at your doorstep, you know we mean serious business. We equip ourselves with heavy-duty steam carpet cleaning equipment.

When we clean your carpet - stains, allergens, and bad odors are removed using the best practices for health standards. Aside from the cleanliness restored to your carpet after we clean, it potentially improves your health, so we ensure the means to achieve a clean carpet is ideal. The best method of carpet cleaning that is recommended by all the major carpet manufacturers and which we practice is steam cleaning.  We can use other methods as well, depending on the cleaning requirements, but steam cleaning is our go-to method.

Our steam carpet cleaning ensures that you do not have a soaked carpet when our cleaning is done. Your carpet would dry up easily so that it is ready for use as soon as possible. While our steam cleaning is very effective and up to the task of cleaning your carpet, we also offer organic cleaning services.

These days it is important to consider the impact of our actions on the environment, and we at DFW align ourselves with a mission to go green whenever we can. Our organic cleaning uses plant ingredients to clean your carpet; however, it is not as effective as the synthetic detergents, and we do not warranty green cleaning detergents.

Perhaps you are sensitive to certain germs and odor; then, you need a specialized cleaning for your carpet. We also offer services that target allergy treatment on your carpet. We apply anti-allergen sprays before and after cleaning, and this denatures the allergen in your carpet. Our carpet anti-allergen treatment keeps working even a few weeks after our treatment is applied.

Stains and germs can sink deep into the carpet too. For totally deep cleaning of your carpet, our steam carpet cleaning is the best choice.

So, if you know you need our carpet cleaning service, make sure to call us and request our service. We would be waiting at your doorstep in no time.

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