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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Get your carpet cleaning in Junius Heights, Dallas, Tx

Carpet Cleaning Junius Heights, Dallas Tx

Up in the largest historic location in Dallas stands JuniusHeights, Tx with over 800 homes around the east of Dallas. And for homes, carpet and floor cleaning don’t have to be a herculean task thanks to the specialist in all floor cleaning. So, if you have always dreaded the frustration of not having your floors completely free of dander, rust, stains, pet urine odor, yellow haze, and other stubborn stains. You are free to engage the services of reputable floor cleaners, let us take the stress away from you.

DFW Steam Cleaning's specialized services

● Specialized organic carpet cleaning.
As specialists in all floor cleaning, we understand that some people may have an intolerance to chemicals and other harsh cleaning treatments. That is why our cleaning packages have options for plant-based cleaning regiments for our sensitive customers.
● Zero tolerance to allergies.
● With our pre-spraying of anti-allergy spray, we desire is to relieve you of carpet allergies that lurk around the carpets. We also offer post-carpet cleaning for weeks to ensure the allergens are completely off your carpets.
● Trusted steam cleaning.
To have rugs, drapes, and other materials well cleaned, steam cleaning is usually considered; the use of hot water extraction is a must for carpets. Since our preoccupation is to offer you an all-in-one floor cleaning service, you can count on our expertise here too.
● Wood floor relief.
Wood floors are known to be most vulnerable to stubborn stains leaving you with the futile use of a mop and water. If you are dealing with this daunting situation, then it is time you involved the services of professionals in hardwood FloorsCleaning. Allow your floor to glow again!
● Pet stain and odor solutions
We care about you and your pets as well, and we are familiar with the discomfort their dander, after-play stains, urine stains, and odor can leave. That is why you shouldn’t leave them there when we are only a call away from ridding your rugs, tiles, and wood floors of the tiring pet unpleasantness.
● Seamless grout and tile cleaning.
Tiles and grout can be a tad tricky and impossible as you are unlikely to remove all the dirt, with mops no thanks to the cracks and crevices that happily conceals them. But with our specialized equipment, all that pesky dirt has no hiding place.

Deep area rug cleaning services

At our company, we are all about detail cleaning for your rugs to flush those dense fibers and get them cleaned again. We also offer rug immersion plant cleaning where the rug goes in the rug tank.
We insist that you should have a perfectly cleaned floor always and we are only a call away.


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