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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

DIY Steam Cleaning


If you have decided to clean your carpets yourself, be prepared to spend between $50-$75 for the rental of the machine plus the soaps they use. In addition, there is the cost of your time, which will be fairly significant depending on how many areas you want or need to clean. Before you go rent the machine, if you are like most people, your time is worth something, so adding your time into the 50-75 dollars and it really does not make any sense to do it yourself. With our 3 areas for $95 dollars internet special, we are only 20-45 dollars more than you would outlay in cash if you did it yourself and then factor in your time, we are actually cheaper.

In addition to cleaning residential and commercial carpet in buildings, offices and homes, we also offer other types of carpet and furniture cleaning as well as window cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning and polishing.

Jet Interior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Auto, Boat and RV Cleaning Services

Hardwood Cleaning and Polishing

For information on what we consider areas, please check out our area explanation.

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