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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet and Upholstery Fabric Protection

Protecting Carpet and Upholstery Fabric

Most fabrics can be protected after they are cleaned. From silk to linen and cotton, even microfiber material can all be protected to apply a no-stick coating to repel dirt and liquid soils. If you have just bought some new furniture and it did not come with protection from the factory, give us a call, if you have just purchased new carpet or furniture, we can apply the fabric protection without prior cleaning.

If you have had carpets or furniture for a while and it's time to be cleaned to remove spots and stains, we can clean it and after a thorough steam cleaning, we can apply a solvent or water-based protector. If you have purchased the carpets or furniture that have come with factory-applied protection and also have a warranty, the process of cleaning will remove a portion of the protection. It's always a good idea to reapply fabric protection after a professional cleaning and many times you have to steam clean your carpeting or furniture in order to keep your warranty valid.
Fabric Protection works by micro bonding and filling in tiny dye-sites that are microscopic imperfections in the fabric dying process.  These tiny imperfections are where stains can embed and "Stick" onto the fabric fiber strands.  A high-quality fiber protector in either a solvent, used for natural fabric or water-based that is used on synthetics is applied to new upholstery or freshly cleaned upholstery, carpeting, or rugs.  The fabric protection is applied via an atomized "mist" to the upholstery, giving it enough coverage to protect, but not so much that is changes the "Feel" of the fabric.  Fabric protector is, after all, liquid plastic.  Apply too much and the fabric can feel "Crunchy".  Some clients have tried to apply fabric protectors themselves, but the regular store-bought products at the big box stores are not very high quality, and in addition, you really have to know how much to apply to a particular fabric.  That can only come from experience.  Our technicians are experienced and we can apply enough fabric protector to protect your upholstery, carpeting, or area rugs without over-applying.  Give us a call today!! 


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