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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Black Carpet Edges

We Remove The Black Ring Around Your Carpet

When you see a dark unsightly ring around a room at the bottom of the baseboard and edge of your carpet it could be symptomatic of a few issues. But the good news is with a little target attention to the problem DFW Steam Cleaning can get rid of the dirt and dark lines around your carpets. This can be done at an additional charge and results cannot be guaranteed.

This is commonly referred to as Soil Filtration. Your home is pressurized and air flows into the walls, through the bottom of the baseboards. This soil filtration can mean your air filtration is not working properly or you're not changing your air filters as frequently as you should. Another cause of soil filtration is the burning of candles. The zinc in candle wicks gives off a cloud of black smoke.  It does not matter where you burn the candle, this soot will travel through the whole house and anywhere where this is a small gap, under doors, along walls, underskirts of furniture, and you will get the black soil filtration outline.

One way to diffuse this is to use smokeless candles. Smokeless candles do not have zinc in the wick, and so soil filtration from candles would not happen.

Incense burning as well as wood fireplaces can also cause soil filtration.

One of the most common reasons this ring around your carpet appears is simply that it's not getting vacuumed on a regular basis and the dirt builds up. When doing your regular vacuuming take time to use the attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner and run it down where the wall meets the edge of your carpeting. If the ring is still apparent you may want to call DFW Steam Cleaning to use steam to clean and remove the dirt in tight spaces.

Now about the root cause of why the dirt concentrates in that area: The first reason is that air flows usually run either up or down the walls and dirt get trapped along the edges of your carpets. In addition, the air draft in your wall and the dust is being pushed out at the bottom of the baseboard. The bottom edge of the baseboard could be caulked to prevent this from happening.

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