What is the best vacuum for use on wood floors?

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Best Vacuum for Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning - Vacuum Your Wood Floors

Wood Floor Cleaning - Vacuum Your Wood Floors

The best vacuum for cleaning wood floors

In our experience, we have found the Riccar brand of vacuum cleaners is the overall best for cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring. The overall weight, suction, and ease of use and the fact that scratching your wood floors is greatly reduced with this brand. We have found that the Riccars are on par if not superior to Miele vacuums which are at a higher price point.
An interesting point to note is the simplicity in the design of the Riccar brand of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that alleviates any form of trouble associated with vacuuming. Riccar gives the layman the thrill of cleaning carpets, hardwood, and any other surface with ease and a smile on the face. In addition to this feature, some models of Riccar like the R10E are light in weight and also come with a long power cord making it easier to move around.
Riccars are created in such a way that they utilize the clean air and direct air systems. The combination of these two systems makes for a more effective and thorough clean up. With the uninterrupted airflow and agitation generated by the motors, suction is optimally delivered. Furthermore, the tandem air system adopted by Riccar makes households where Asthma and other health-related issues live free because of the clean air it dispels.
Asides from these features, the Riccar brand of vacuum cleaners are one of the most durable in the markets today. The company has been in existence for many years has perfected the art of properly fine-tuning its mechanisms to not only clean effectively but last longer too. The R10E model for example can last up to 3 years cleaning your floors and carpets. Imagine cleaning your house for three years with no hassles or stress whatsoever, no wonder people throng to the stores to get Riccar.
Made in The USA
The Riccar upright vacuums are made in the USA and it is one of the most unique brands of vacuum used to date. One such reason is the movement of Riccar factories from overseas to the USA.
As an American brand, Riccar prides itself on providing cleaning solutions to Americans and even to the world. The sophistication of the machines makes it easy to clean the house. Riccars are also sold for an affordable price, although lower than other brands but still get the job done.
This brand of vacuum has a warranty of 3-6 years making it not just affordable but durable too. The company also offers a red carpet service for customers who get the higher grade vacuums. This service entails not getting charged to service your vacuum amongst other things.
It is no wonder the company has been thriving for over 20 years. It has been an incredible contributor to solving the issue of unemployment in the country. The sealed HEPA filtration system makes it convenient to clear different forms of dirt.


Made in The USA


Riccar The Butler Vacuum Cleaner

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