Best Carpeting For Pets and Indoor Animals

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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Best Carpet For Pets

Thick and Tight Woven Carpet Works Well With Pets

Darker Carpets Show pet Stains and Discolorations Less

From our experience, we find that a very thick and tight woven frieze in a darker color hides dirt and stains. The tight woven carpeting keeps dirt and grime to the top of the carpet pile allowing it to be removed easier.

Interestingly, dark brown carpets are the most viable type when it comes to concealing stains. The somewhat inevitable wine stains and more frequent dirt stains have less susceptible to be seen, no one wants to visit a home with a wine stain gazing at them from the carpets. However, one must be careful when cleaning these stains as you would want any form of discoloration because of the stain that must be erased.

 As much as darker carpets play 'Houdini' when it comes to hiding stains, you still have to handle with care and precision. In a bid to hide stains, you cannot afford to add discoloration to the mix, hence the need to clean carefully but properly. If you are having difficulty cleaning your carpet you could hire a cleaning service. It is better to be watching your favorite Netflix show while your legs are firmly on your new and improved carpet than sighing having ruined the ambiance in your home.

Furthermore, patterned carpets are also very resourceful from wading off the eye away from stains. Boldly patterned carpets help stir people away from conspicuous stains and also becomes resourceful when there is a lot of traffic going across it. So instead of going through the hassles of vacuuming every 30 minutes - which could be a buzzkill, opting for a darker carpet can really save you from some unseen and yet obvious errors.


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