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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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The condition of the carpet in your home or office sends some signals about you to your visitors or business associate. Usually, when a visitor visits your home, the first thing that catches his or her eyes is your floor, window, and furniture. The visitor might not say anything but everyone knows a neat and pristine environment when they see one. The condition of your carpet can either send the signal that you are a very clean person or a dirty person. Aside from creating a good first impression, keeping your carpet clean enhances the quality of the air you breath and also your overall health.

Although there are some DIY methods often use to clean the carpet, this is incomplete without proper professional cleaning. Vacuuming your carpet does not thoroughly remove all bacteria and dust from the carpet. Below are some importance of allowing DFW Steam Cleaning to take care of your carpet

✅  We are trained experts in the field

Professional cleaners are trained not just to do a thorough cleaning but also to study your carpet, understand the carpet fiber before cleaning. This way they know the best detergents and equipment suitable for your carpet. Also, they know the best way to try and reverse stains and dirt out of the carpet. They also know the right quantity of detergents suitable for your carpet fibers and also not leave your carpet wet for 3 weeks.

✅ The assurance that your carpet is in the right hands

There is the assurance that comes with using a professional cleaning service for your carpet. Unlike when you just grab a cleaner at the nearest available store and use it on your carpet, when you employ a professional carpet cleaning company for your carpet, you know that your carpet is in good hands. Of course, DFW Steam Cleaning is the only name you need to know when it comes to professional carpet cleaning.  

✅ Carpet Cleaning value for your dollar

Although using a professional cleaning service for your carpet might cost more than you will when you use a DIY, professional cleaning company deliver result. If, for instance, you employ a DFW Steam Cleaning, you rest assured that the quality carpet cleaning results will pay off.

✅ Save your precious time

Time is the most precious commodity we have as humans. Once lost, it cannot be regained. No matter how free your schedule is, you can dedicate the time you would spend on cleaning your carpet to taking care of other things. DFW Steam Cleaning saves you the stress and time you spend on trying to get your carpet into good shape. In most cases, you find out that after wasting some time on the carpet, the solutions and equipment you rent as a cleaner does not deliver a good job. This is why instead of wasting your time on doing the carpet cleaning, let DFW Steam Cleaning handle the cleaning for you. Our experts are trained in delivering top-notch results. Our materials and cleaning agents are highly professional and chemical-free.

DFW Steam Cleaning provides quality affordable carpet cleaning services in Arlington, TX. We use professional truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment to clean your carpeting thoroughly; our high-capacity water extraction vacuum removes virtually all the water left from the steam cleaning process. The dirt, grease, and grime are removed along with carpet shampoo that may have been used but not extracted in the past. This heavy-duty cleaning process leaves your carpets clean and will dry completely faster.

Carpet Steam Cleaning is the Best Solution

We use powerful truck-mounted Carpet steam cleaning equipment that heats the water to over 200 degrees cleaning and sanitizing those carpet fibers.  We use eco-friendly detergents that emulsify those soils trapped in the carpet fibers then come in and use steam to knock that dirt off the fibers and then extract that dirty water out to the truck.  


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