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Owned And Operated by a US Military Veteran

Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Addison Tx

Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Addison, Tx

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There are many carpet cleaning companies in The DFW Metroplex that service Addison. A lot of these carpet cleaners use inferior equipment and techniques for cleaning. I have seen many chemical cleaning companies state that they do an effective job of cleaning and are a green company. Doesn't common sense tell you that if they are using a chemical process whether it's dry or wet it is still a chemical? The nation's health has suffered from a massive onslaught of toxins from chemicals and HMOs in the foods we eat. I have good news – STEAM IS CLEAN.

Why Steam Cleaning in Addison, Tx?

The advantages of steam cleaning are many and just like anything, there are also some disadvantages. In the end, it is the results that count. The advantages of using steam is that is truly environmentally safe and green, what's greener than good clean water that is sanitized with heat. Chemical Dry carpet cleaners are being very deceptive when they call themselves a green cleaning service. Steam kills parasites, bacteria, E. Coli, fungus, mold, mildew, and viruses. In addition, steam will kill the eggs that fleas, mites, bed bugs, and other little creatures lay to hatch later. If you have an odor problem since steam does kill the root of all odors which is bacteria steam eliminates most odors. If you have animals or children the act of cleaning with steam sanitizes allowing for a safer living environment. The only real drawback which is minimal is that if the equipment is not of good quality or a poorly trained carpet cleaner is on-site excess steam can cause condensation and leave the carpeting or other fabrics damp.

Dirt and water extraction

DFW Steam Cleaning is an accomplished carpet cleaning company therefore we can afford to use the very best equipment. Unlike the guy you find on craigslist, that has an inexpensive portable carpet cleaning machine which he usually totes around in a pickup truck getting banged around DFW Steam Cleaning has professional equipment that is bolted down inside of a van that is very high powered and can generate the temperatures needed for effective steam cleaning. The reason we use expensive professional steam cleaning and extraction equipment is that after we perform a highly effective deep cleaning with steam we then use the best extraction equipment to capture and extract all the dirt, grease, dead parasites, bacteria, grease, food and more. Our high capacity vacuum removes more water and dirt than any in the market. Remember that steam cleaning is the only means of cleaning that cleans the entire carpet not just the top ⅓ . Might I also remind you that steam cleaning is suggested by virtually every carpet manufacturer

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