Acrylic Wax and Polish Removal From Hardwood & Laminate Floors

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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

Wax/Polish Removal from Hardwood and Laminate Floors

Acrylic Wax, Wax/Polish Removal from Wood

You have beautiful hardwood, engineered or laminate floors that are your pride and joy, but either bad advice from a big box home improvement store or not monitoring the products your housekeepers are using, you wake up one day and have a white milky haze on your floor and it feels sticky. You try to clean the orange glo, mop and glo, quick shine, or rejuvenate off with all kinds of detergents or erasers and it takes you hours to remove the wax completely from a very small area. It's an impossible task to restore your floors to their original glory. DFW Steam Cleaning can remove most of the wax from your hardwood or laminate floors with a sand-less process.  Sand, stain, and re-coat is a last resort, especially for hand-scraped floors.  It's a costly, dusty process, and most floors don't have enough wood to sand.  DFW Steam Cleaning can remove the wax chemically and mechanically with no damage to the underlying polyurethane coating and restore your wood and laminate floors to their like-new stock finish.   

DFW Steam Cleaning specializes in wax and polish removal without affecting your hardwood. Some companies offer this service but unfortunately, their solutions do not meet up with client expectations.   Other companies use old buffers coupled with a shop vac, it's a very messy process that delivers uneven results.  DFW Steam Cleaning can remove 100% of your wax or polish from your wood, engineered, or laminate floor, but were not supposed to say 100% so were comfortable with 99.8% of wax and polish, without damage or creating a huge mess.  We help remove wax that has formed layers that gradually dwindles the shine and aesthetic quality of your home. At DFW Steam Cleaning, we guarantee the best wax and polish removal service in Dallas.

Signs you have wax or polish on your hardwood floors

White Haze on Your Wood Floors

Whether you have just bought a house and realized something is off with the floors or you have been putting wax or polish on your hardwood floors, that wax or polish only lasts for a short amount f time before the build-up from the cleaning solutions you're using starts to make the wax turn a white/bluish haze that you can really see when natural light is reflected off of the floor.  

Floors that look so shiny, the shine looks synthetic fake

Another sign that the floor has been waxed or polished which could have been done just before the seller moved out to try to cover up scratches in the wood is the floor looks extremely shiny. There is of course a high gloss polyurethane that is used on wood floors to give them a really high shine but this is rare. If a floor looks too shiny, that is a sign that the shine has been achieved by something other than actual polyurethane.

You can see where the Area Rugs were or other furniture

If you can see Square areas that are surrounded by shiny areas any sort of square areas are geometric shapes like where an area rug would lay or any pieces of furniture that is a Telltale sign that the floor has been polished but the Polish was applied around the area rug and around the furniture not directly underneath.  We understand that after your home purchase transaction is closed that it may be too late to correct the wax removal but you certainly want to remove the wax from the floor well the home is vacant and without furniture. This is sort of an unfortunate happenstance in the Dallas Fort Worth housing industry where sellers will put this crap on their floors not knowing or understanding that wax and polish of any kind does not belong on modern-day UV finished floors whatsoever.  Simply because any wax or polish that is applied, at some point must be removed because it does not last. Wax and polish on a wood floor does not bond with the polyurethane finish. Therefore if it does not bond it is a coating over the polyurethane that is going to peel, chip, haze, and absolutely make your floors uncleanable.  

An unbelievable amount of scratches or scuffs on the wood floor

If the wood floor has a huge amount of scratches or scuffs and the scratches or scuffs have not actually scratched off or through the wood stain then chances are the scratches or scuffs are on the wax/polish that is on the wood floor. Once the wax and polish are removed from the wood floor all of these scratches and scuffs will be removed along with the wax leaving the true nature and finish of the wood floor exposed and that probably hasn't been seen for many years. 

We have been hired by home buyers Real Estate Agents to determine if there is wax or polish on wood floors

We have had real estate agents in the past that will hire us on behalf of the buyer to test for the presence of wax on a hardwood floor. Some real estate agents and companies are becoming wise to this and proactively looking for wax and polish on hard wood floors to protect their client the buyer.  DFW steam cleaning is available to make this type of determination. It's a very scientific approach in that the products that we use to remove wax do absolutely nothing to a polyurethane coating on a hardwood floor. So if DFW steam cleaning tests a hardwood floor for the presence of wax only the wax will come off from that test spot revealing the actual wood floor and finish underneath. This of course stands out like a sore thumb so it's a very visual and scientific method to determine the presence of wax or polish on any sort of hardwood laminate or engineered floor.  So if you suspect that there is wax or polish on a hardwood floor in a home that you are considering purchasing please give us a call and we can come out and make that determination and at the very minimum you can build that wax removal into your purchase agreement and closing documents so you don't have to bear the cost of removing this once you move into the home.

Our wax and polish removal system can remove any form of old wax, grime, dirt, and blemish that may cause your floors to look a bit drab.   Wax and polish removal from your hardwood can be a Herculean task which only people with dexterity and proficiency can handle. Hence, our team of experts remove the old wax and faded polish in such a way that the floor is not damaged. 

For the best results, hiring a professional company will be your best bet. We take pride in our ability to devise different strategies to solve any wax and polish issues associated with your hardwood, engineered, or laminate flooring.

Dallas Fort Worth House Keepers and Maids also apply wax to wood floors because they do not know what they are doing

While most housekeepers and companies supply their own products to clean with, unfortunately, they are also typically the wrong products. Whether for hardwood, tile, or stone, you need to ensure the correct products are used to maintain your beautiful home.  Our advice is not to let housekeepers, maids, or maid services use their products on your expensive wood or natural stone.  The fact is, they don't know how to properly maintain those floors nor do they know the proper detergents and cleaners to use to maintain your hardwood investment.  Give us a call and let us get your floors back to their stock look by removing that sticky ugly wax and polish from your wood floors. 

Wax and Polish Removal from Hardwood
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