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DFW Grout Haze Removal

Remove Grout Haze From Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

You have just paid to have a nice new ceramic tile or porcelain installed in your home.  All looks good until after it dries, you see a milky grout haze all over the floor.  You contact the installer and he says "it will go away after you mop the floor".  So you mop and mop and nothing comes off.  Then you realize something is wrong and you start to call to see if this can be removed only after the installer doesn't return calls anymore.

In the event that you just had a new floor installed or re-grouted your flooring, and the installer didn't clean up the job properly, an acid wash will remove any residual "Grout Haze" that remains. Acid washing is a proven and effective cleaning method and is very safe when applied by a professional like a well-trained DFW Steam Cleaning technician.

What happened was that you had a lazy installer who did not clean the tiles properly after he got the grout haze everywhere.  We see this all the time.  The grout haze only comes off with an Acid Wash, so don't waste time or money trying anything else.  The installer caused the problem because he didn't clean up the job when the grout was wet and still able to be wiped off.  He was a low-quality lazy contractor.  He certainly can't fix the problem after the grout has dried as he lacks the knowledge and equipment to remove the cloudy haze after it has dried.  Hopefully, you didn't pay the installer all of the money and held some back.

Most flooring companies use sub-contracted crews and its very hard for them to monitor and enforce quality.  

All is not lost, we can safely remove the haze left by the lazy installer and get your tiles looking like they did when you saw them at the tile store.    

Another use of Acid Washing removing soap scum from tiles and other hard surfaces.  Soap residue builds up over time with the constant cleaning with soapy floor cleaning products, soap leads to a thick buildup that makes your tiles or other hard surface floors look dull and lackluster. DFW Steam Cleaning offers an Acid Wash service to remove the buildup of soap scum and other cleaning products to restore your tile floors to a like-new appearance.  Note:  Acid wash cannot be done on Marble, Limestone, Travertine, or any calcified stone as it will "Acid Etch" the natural stone. 

Acid Wash Ceramic Tile to Remove Grout Haze
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